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»I farted today. It smelled good.«

7. Dezember 2007 von herr vogel

I promised Captain America, among his friends better known as D., to write an entry in English. »So D., this is one’s for you!« - If I was a rock star, these words would now be followed by his favorite song. Since I’m not a rock star, I can’t do that. So all that’s left for me is this entry, written in more or less improvised English, whose sole purpose is to welcome D. in the wunderful world of unread weblogs. But, wait, much more, it’s to welcome him in our exclusive, only-the-strong-survive blogroll.
So, what’s his wonderful blog »Alpentraum« about? Last night we were sitting at Cafe Europa and D. described his weblog to our friend N., saying that he’s basically writing stuff like »I farted today. It smelled good.« I couldn’t agree less, but I have to admit, an entry like »I farted today. It smelled good« would definitely be funny. Which is why I named this text after this conversation, and to honor the long lost tradition of Befindlichkeitsblogging. Cheap joke, I know. Talking about humor, ha! But since I actually am a rock star (changed my mind about that), I don’t need a sense of humor, because I can have sex anyway.

PS: And regarding one of the saddest stories of all time: Robert Altman actually used it in »Short Cuts«. I looked it up, I knew it sounded familiar. Great story, indeed.

Eine Reaktion zu “»I farted today. It smelled good.«”

  1. d

    i have to say I in no way recall saying <>

    slander, i say. *slap!*

    excellent english, watch my space to see an upcoming german entry!