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29. August 2010 von guru

Achieving a sustainable and mutually beneficial human/Earth relationship requires people, especially those of us in the world to put aside dualism and individualism and consider ourselves as intimately connected to Earth and to people everywhere. This is a challenge at the deepest level since many people, if not most, in and economically advantaged societies, have come to regard humanity as distinct from and superior to other life forms (dualism); as having the to dominate nature and people of other cultures in the pursuit of progress and profit; and as having proper knowledge and technology which enable humans to bring nature under their control (determinism). Within modernity the Earth is not sacred, individual well being is distinct from community, and consumption takes precedence over sustainability.

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Where were you when you first heard yourself on the radio? I was in my old beaten up Honda. It was My Heart On Fire. I remember I just pulled up into the driveway. And slow down. Fuel economy gets worse quickly at speeds over 50 miles per hour. Each 5 mph over 50 is like paying an extra 24 cents per gallon, the Energy Department says.

Since I got the two RCAs, I’ve learned that some DTV converter boxes allow you to program the box itself to change channels at preset times so you can, in turn, program your VCR to begin recording the box’s output at those same times. With this feature, you have to program twice, but you can recover some of the recording flexibility that many of us are losing in the transition to digital TV. However, in my research of these fancier DTV boxes, none has stood out as something viewers are happy with.

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