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Solar trade show brings major players to town

6. Juni 2011 von guru

Solar trade show brings major players to town

IT’s not often that Goulburn gets the opportunity to host a trade show where the latest technology from around the world is on show.

Community Energy for Goulburn (CE4G) are running a solar trade show on Wednesday, November 2 at the Goulburn Workers Club from 6pm. This is a free ticketed event. The trade show is being run in partnership with SunCrowd. And it’s right here in Goulburn.

»We usually have to go to Canberra or Sydney to see a range of products direct from suppliers, and even http://www.cheapjerseys11.com/ then, it’s usually only tradies that get free admission,« said Peter Fraser, chair of CE4G.

One big fan of solar is Goulburn icon and ex local high school teacher Bill Dorman, who is looking forward to the expo.

»I’ve had a solar system on my roof for many years, and I’m very interested in where battery technology is advancing, especially the Tesla Powerwall,« said Mr Dorman.

»Over the years I’ve saved a lot of money on power bills, and now that the feed in tariff is ending, it will be interesting to see what solutions are on offer with batteries and meters,« he said.

»And with so many great roofs in Goulburn begging to be covered with solar panels, it’s an ideal way for all of us to get some free info on what’s available and talk to the actual manufacturers. It’s not too often we get a trade expo on our doorstep,« said Mr Dorman.

Tesla will be showing their sleek battery pack, the Powerwall, that’s taking the world by storm. It’s a fully integrated system that can be easily expanded by simply bolting on extra units if more battery storage is required. Other battery suppliers such as LG will also be on show, plus solar panels and some interesting metering solutions recently on the market.

Reposit Power, a company formed by local entrepreneur Luke Osborne, is showing its Australian made software cheap jerseys solution which allows users to become virtual energy brokers using their batteries to store energy when it is cheap and exporting it when the price is high. The Reposit system can also automatically help with energy management in the home, cutting energy costs at the same time.

»The idea of this expo is to give people unbiased advice with the opportunity to see a variety of products and talk to the actual suppliers one on one, all under the same roof,« said Mr Fraser.

»By joining in with five other community groups around the state it gives everyone the opportunity to be part of a big bulk buy that will cut the cost for everyone,« he said.

»And by registering before the event, people will be provided with a free energy audit on their particular home or business to help them decide if solar is for them,« said Mr Fraser.

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