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Monatsarchiv für August 2011

I personally

Mittwoch, den 31. August 2011

1 priority in fusion research in the country and the world, and essentially takes us to a regime we never been to before. Fusion energy describes the energy that is released when atomic particles together to form heavier particles. The process is fundamental to our universe, fueling both the sun and the stars. Just like [...]

sharing a lamb and

Montag, den 29. August 2011

The food is dished out Chipotle style, so there is no waiting. I was sharing a lamb and beef gyros ($6.99) with a friend who wanted just the pita, meat and tzatziki (yogurt) sauce. For any of Freska’s seven sandwiches, you pick a white or wheat pita along with one of four sauces. Clay: Mexico’s [...]

When people

Dienstag, den 23. August 2011

Hobbs talks about how many former communist countries in Europe have seen large investments in their wine industries, which is now starting to pay off. Slovenia, Hungary, Romania, and Georgia are becoming players with their own unique, value for money wines. Macedonia, once part of Yugoslavia, is getting in on the act too. Even still, [...]

If the NHS doesn’t want

Mittwoch, den 17. August 2011

So what about their Denplan and private customers? I am one (Denplan) and have not been notified of any problems. If the NHS doesn’t want people being treated there at the moment, what about the people who pay?Also, I wasn’t aware that they did NHS work. Having been previously treated there under the NHS we [...]


Mittwoch, den 10. August 2011

It safer because the industry, together with regulators and other concerned parties, made it that way. TeslaCoil comment insults me, because I am an important part of the safety chain. I am sitting at the front end, doing the best I can to get you where you going promptly and safely.. The issue isn about [...]