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Monatsarchiv für September 2012

I doubt the latter

Samstag, den 15. September 2012

Stroll through Hong Kong’s history at Kowloon Walled City Park, an area that has had many past lives. Originally the site of a walled fort, it became a sanctuary for Chinese refugees after World War II and later, an unlawful slum. Today, it boasts a beautiful Chinese park and garden built in classical Jiangnan style [...]

Discovery Museum

Samstag, den 15. September 2012

233). Marcuse notes that the research focus of this position is on the personal characteristics of the ill housed, for example, the elderly, the poor, large families, ethnic minorities, single parent households and women. Critiquing such a misguided position, Marcuse notes that it blames the victim and portrays systemic housing issues as separate and individual [...]

took to the increasingly

Freitag, den 14. September 2012

It became apparent that the Little Sisters would need protectors when they took to the increasingly dangerous streets in search of ADAM. With a steady stream of not quite eager participants coming from the detention center, the issue wasn’t who would guard the girls, but how? Dr. Yi Suchong and other scientists devised a process [...]

As Smallwood

Sonntag, den 9. September 2012

Chrysler reported its best September since 2007. Ford’s sales, however, were flat compared with a year earlier, and General Motors reported only a 1.5 percent increase. Ford said big gains in small car and SUV sales were wiped out by lower truck sales. At Bloomfield 8, tickets top out at $9. At Manchester Parkade, prices [...]