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Monatsarchiv für August 2013

Been so lucky

Samstag, den 31. August 2013

Are really two types of habits. One type is mechanical in nature, like dropping your car keys on your kitchen table every day after work. These habits are comparatively easy to change. As you know, funding for 3% salary increases was awarded by the 2016 General Assembly. In addition, the General Assembly appropriated funding to [...]

they are quite good

Donnerstag, den 29. August 2013

Trump’s family purchased the Kluge winery in Virginia out of bankruptcy in 2012. I’ve tried the wine under Kluge and Trump and they are quite good, especially the sparkling wine. The Trumps inherited several vintages that were in tank, barrel or tirage from the Kluge operation.. Methane, the primary greenhouse gas from animal agriculture is [...]

Larger companies

Freitag, den 23. August 2013

Screen size can be important. The standard laptop screen size is 15.4″, but sizes that range from 10.4″ to 17.1″ are commonly available. Larger screens are out there but they are incredibly expensive and are not what a bargain shopper would ever be looking for. The Shelburne Museum and its surrounding 1,400 acre working farm [...]

kilowatt hour for residential

Samstag, den 17. August 2013

When electricity caps expired Dec. 31, 2010, Penelec increased the rate from 5.7 cents to 7.03 cents per kilowatt hour for residential customers. The rate, which Penelec calls its price to compare, has fluctuated since that time. The government run hospital struggles to provide even the most basic services, since it lacks sufficient resources, equipment [...]

The next morning

Samstag, den 10. August 2013

WEBVTT HOST: IN THE RICHEST COUNTRY ON EARTH SOME PEOPLE GO HUNGRY WHILE OTHERS THROW AWAY FOOD. HOW DO YOU ADDRESS THAT PROBLEM? WITH A GROCERY STORE. BANANAS, APPLES, ORANGES. And 90 percent are made in Waco, with the balance coming from a facility in Detroit, he said. The company employs 105 people between Waco [...]