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Monatsarchiv für Juli 2014


Freitag, den 25. Juli 2014

It’s hard to believe that this is the same guy who once saved a woman and all her appliances from a burning building. Sure, that was an episode of The Simpsons, but it’s about the only good thing Canseco has ever done in his life. Canseco’s penchant for douchery extends beyond the realms of using [...]

It’s not like this in Taiwan

Samstag, den 19. Juli 2014

It’s not like this in Taiwan. The idea that Taiwan is an island is very appropriate. Everybody knows EVERYBODY in the bike business. I fished the obvious line the crease between the fast and slow water on the left toward the middle of the stream. First a Black Ghost streamer before I realized I needed [...]

That wasn’t a good trade

Samstag, den 19. Juli 2014

For a player? That wasn’t a good trade for the Vikings. There are lots of examples of great trades for draft picks, but not nearly as many for players. The trade that brought Brett Favre to Green Bay is the best for a player in my time covering football. Still, Kulkarni does know quite a [...]

Fashion contributes to the lifestyle

Samstag, den 19. Juli 2014

Fashion contributes to the lifestyle, as well. Gang members gravitate to athletic clothing, including jerseys with certain numbers or logos. In Texas, a lot of Colorado Rockies (CR) gear is showing up, Lopez said, not because the team is popular in El Paso neighborhoods, but because the CR stands for the Crips.. Those little charges [...]

I don’t know why the

Sonntag, den 13. Juli 2014

The dress code was sent out to parents, parents took the information and bought dress that they thought met the standards. Then once at the school it was left up to the Principal and Vice Principal decision making the girls turn around and bend over sit down and this was all done in the open [...]

cleaning and carrying papers

Dienstag, den 1. Juli 2014

DON’T BLAME US. Lynn Boshart, one of the organizers for the local group, Save Lytle Creek Wash, said it was unfair for the developer to target her group as the reason for the golf course’s closure. »We have no control over this. He, and the Times, were known for their integrity and willingness to take [...]