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13. Juli 2014 von guru

The dress code was sent out to parents, parents took the information and bought dress that they thought met the standards. Then once at the school it was left up to the Principal and Vice Principal decision making the girls turn around and bend over sit down and this was all done in the open and not in private. Some girls show up in the same dress, one is allowed in the other is told to go change, all based on personal opinion and discrimination! again decision making exclusion of an individual to a social activity.

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But wait! Then he goes home to find that a ghost lives in his room! He’s fighting her when all of a sudden a magical girl flies in on a broom! They’re arguing when a hole in the floor opens up and an underground lady with huge boobs walks in and offers Koutarou a pile of gold for his apartment, and she’s in the process of rubbing her breasts against his arm when a magical symbol appears on the wall and an alien princess comes in and he gropes her and then she tries to blow things up and cheap mlb jerseys then her helper/friend/babysitter who is also an alien shows up and then!!!!So yes, if ever a show felt like it was written by an excited nine year old, this would be it. And there is something fun and appealing about that this is wacky and zany and the escalation mostly works. All of the girls look different, the shabbiness of the apartment is very well portrayed, and the general lunacy doesn’t feel nearly as overdone as it might.

Finding cheap dental is hell. An hour of calling every dental school in Portland turns up only one that will schedule a preventative dental exam can squeeze me in six months from now. Right when I’ve given up on getting my teeth cleaned for cheap, a friend dispenses a hot tip: free dental clinic in the deep Southeast this Saturday only! The clinic turns out to be »Compassion Southeast,« a day of free health care organized by a cadre of Portland churches.

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