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Monatsarchiv für August 2014

pasting text in Word

Freitag, den 29. August 2014

I still not totally used to the mobile apps, especially for cutting and pasting text in Word and inserting cells in Excel spreadsheets. There are also missing features, such as green underlines of potential grammatical mistakes. But the apps include most of what I use on PCs. They shoo the clerk from his perch by [...]

limited success

Samstag, den 23. August 2014

The commission also advanced $650,000 to Vision Airlines to cover start up costs, aiming to recoup that from a $950,000 grant from the Department of Transportation. The DOT disburses funds from such grants when airports report the operating costs a subsidized carrier incurs. So far, it has approved disbursing $581,000, Spirito said. If that’s not [...]