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Monatsarchiv für August 2015

The 33 year

Sonntag, den 23. August 2015

»The homeless numbers are dropping. We are seeing some progress because of new strategies,« Hersh said. »At the same time we know that the economic recovery has not benefited the lowest income people. Today, of course, is the day that Punxsutawney Phil will tell us whether we have an early or late spring. If he [...]

Luxating Patella

Montag, den 10. August 2015

»For me, it’s about the visual variety. At home and at the bakery, we make little teeny, weeny Gingerbread Guys. So you get a little pile of gingerbread men, there’s your spice, and then you get something nutty, and then something chocolaty. And Rosenbauer, among others, says that the cost of a quality kids bike [...]