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Shortly after he’d undergone surgery for a golf ball sized brain tumor

14. September 2015 von guru

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Shortly after he’d undergone surgery for a golf ball sized brain tumor, Dillon Simmons was crowned the »most positive« student at Three Oaks Middle School in San Carlos Park.His mother, Denise Simmons, recalled the memory with a smile Sunday as she touched the silver paper crown sitting on his bed in their Estero home. Surrounding her were Dillon’s hockey trophies and jerseys; the colorful quilt on his bed was handcrafted by the grandmother of one of his teammates.«He never was one to complain,« said Denise Simmons, who left her job as a medical receptionist to care for her son.Despite a brave battle, the 15 year old died Friday from the tumor at home with his family at his bedside.But before he died, he lived fully. »He wasn’t a quitter ? he was a fighter,« his mom said.He went back to school, beginning his freshman year at Estero High School, played hockey twice with his old teammates,https://www.cheapjerseys-nfl.com
had a barbecue with legendary sports announcer Dick Vitale and traveled on vacation to Key West with his family.He even got a puppy, an affectionate fluffy Pomeranian Husky mix named Sasha.And thanks to the Make A Wish Foundation, he and his family went on a trip of a lifetime this year to the Super Bowl.Though he was walking unsteadily and had undergone many surgeries and chemotherapy by game day, »he enjoyed himself so much,« recalled his father, William Shawn Simmons, who works in the service department for Lee County Electric Co op.But Dillon lived for sports, his parents recalled, beginning at age 6.

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